Thursday, September 30, 2010

Check out these mad bastards on Arthurs Day last week, in the heart of it all, in Dublin.

Playin the willy banjo like a good thing.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh yeah, forgot I might aswell put some of my Halo things up on here.

A test upload of footage I made from a match getting 5 kills in a couple seconds using the tank (lol).
Using You can look at all your saved Theater content and process it to either download or whatever.

First week done. NOW IM SICK

Goddamn man flu strikes again.

I wonder sometimes, what if an elderly person or small child got this that I have. Since its managed to immobilise me and keep me in a bed sick.. surely it would kill thousands??!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why do I think Sleeping is a waste of time

To be honest..  I operate on two function levels..

My brain seems to be independant from my body at this point.  When I close my eyes, I'm resting and it doesnt take long to get up and running again.

When I'm immobile, my body is resting. Also doesnt take long to get going again.

So what happens is I end up with SHIT sleep patterns and sleep that is never longer than 5 hours.  I'm only tired if I'm awaken against my will too, which I find strange.

Ultimately however, I hate sleeping. I think its a waste of time. So much we could be doing.. So much world to exist in..
I would rather bathe in ocean of consciousness while I'm 'alive'.
I'm in no hurry to experience the bliss of unconsciousness yet. I'll do that when I'm dead..  when I'm forced to sleep.

So I've just started College.


Its been a few years and as it turns out, the fancy name for the course Im doing now is actually the course I finished 5 years ago.


Its actually given me a small insight to how things change so fast, everything is all a refined and more organised version I'm doing now (Computing and Software Development). Then again.. that could be down to the new college I'm in.

Sleep routine is gonna be hard to master again. :(

Once I get some Counterstrike going over LAN so I can demoralize these new generations of hopefuls, in between classes, I'll be fine.  Nothing gets you through the day like headshotting the hopes and dreams of these kids. They think its just a game...